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To Vaxx or Not To Vaxx!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

To Vaxx or not to Vaxx is a deeply personal choice, in my opinion.

I caught Covid back in June of 2020 and was down for 6 weeks with the initial symptoms of: fear, rash, mild fever for one day, body aches, nausea, extreme fatigue, complete loss of my sense of taste and smell, shortness of breath, chest pressure, the overwhelming feeling of being alone, oh and did I mention, Mortal FEAR?

When I got through all of that by the Most High’s Grace, and I was able to move around in the world, abiding by cautions and restrictions, I realized...everyone who comes through the fear is stronger for it.

My prayers and condolences go out to all who have lost loved ones, family, acquaintances, co-workers, and any and all who succumbed to this unforeseen trauma.

When the vaccines started rolling out, my initial thought was, “Hell NO.” “I got through this, I MUST have antibodies, WHY would I open my body to this new shot that we don’t seem to know enough about?” “There are documented instances in history where people have been used as guinea pigs, I DO NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF THEM.”

I followed all of the news stories, read all of the articles that I could find, asked questions of both Health Care professionals and trusted individuals in my life, ( If you know anything about the solitary Capricorn, we are friendly with many but trust very few, Smile)

I realized that I still had lingering symptoms that were plaguing me. Random fatigue, random shortness of breath, chest pressure that couldn’t be predicted, and brain fog. Ohhhhh the brain fog!

I sat on my choices for months, weighing my heart, mind, and spirit.

Hearing stories about people who were being forced to vaccinate in order to be able to go back to their workplace, hearing stories about people who need a vaccination to travel to certain places, paying attention to the huge MASS VACCINATION SITE, MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY billboards in the city that I live in.

One morning as I was doing my heart, mind, and spirit self-check, the little voice in my gut said, “It’s time, you are ready.”

I wanted the lingering residuals to get gone, and the only way that this seemed to be successful was with the vaccination. I did not make an appointment, I just made a choice, chose a location, and drove.

I obtained my vaccination at a mass site….the National Guard was everywhere and the line of people looked like something out of a SciFi movie.

A little laugh for you...I forgot that I carry a little bottle of Pepper Spray on my keychain...I got to the front of the line and the security officer says, “Is this Mace?” I say, “It’s pepper spray, can’t be too careful nowadays.” Just not really thinking about the location that I was in.

The officer says, “Well, you will have to take this back to your car or throw it away right here, it’s this location’s protocol.”

Wow. I thought to myself, “I am NOT walking all the way back to that parking garage to climb all of those stairs to the top level to go take this back…” So, I take it off my keychain and throw it in the garbage for her. She lets me enter.

It is so surreal, it’s quiet, it’s orderly, it’s sterile. I’m scared, but I chose this so I step forward.

I give my information at the first table. Pretty basic, name, address, etc…. Once this is complete and I have both filled out a paper and the gatekeeper has entered my information on a tablet, I am given a paper wristband and waved to the next location upstairs to get the injection.

I ride the escalator with a line of other nervous people trying to stay 6 feet away from each other. As we ascend to the upper floors we look over the side to the floors below and it is uncomfortably apparent how many National Guard soldiers are present.

We get to the top and I have been given a number to listen and look out for, much like I am going to my local cable provider or the bakery.

My number comes up and I step forward to a clean white table outfitted with another pair of people, one outfitted with a tablet, and one outfitted with rubber gloves and a syringe.

I am told to take a picture of my vaccination card once it has been filled out, just in case I lose it. I will need to come back in 21 days for the followup shot and I will need it.

Then, I am asked to sit, and a pleasant man in BDU’s asks me if I am allergic to anything. I'm mentally going through every painful experience in my life to clarify that it wasn’t an allergic reaction and I say , “No”, sending up a silent prayer that I am right.

He then asks which arm I would like the vaccination in. I thoughtlessly point to my right arm….at this point I really just want this to be over. Let’s just move on to a less stressful moment in this timeline PLEASE!

What I did not take into consideration was that I was giving him permission to put the vaccine in my right arm, which is my DOMINANT arm. Every bit of my research pointed out that the injection site arm is going to harbor pain and be sore for a couple of days. UGH!

He proceeds to shoot the vaccine into my dominant arm as I look away, trying to mentally block out what is happening. ( I really don’t like needles). Then it is over, for the moment.

I get asked to wait in a holding area for 15 minutes just to make sure that I don’t immediately have a negative reaction. As I look around, other people are on their phones, slightly looking green and trying to gain their bearings, or just looking content as if they did something good for themselves.

Me...I am internally praying that I made the right decision for my amazing body and that it can fight through and heal what I have just done to it.

My spirit whispers to me that I probably should not be alone during the next 24 hours, so I go crash with one of my dear friends for the night. I am so glad that I reached out to her because just not being alone helped ease some of the fear, and it also provided a much needed distraction as I spiked a low grade fever and the injection site in my arm got worse and it became tough to use it. I pretty much slept off and on for 36 hours.

My symptoms after the first shot were: low grade fever for about 24 hours, fatigue for about 72 hours, a headache for about 24 hours, chills for 12 hours, injection site pain for about 72 hours, nausea, and brain fog for 72 hours.

When all of that was over, I realized that the lingering COVID symptoms that I had been suffering from were gone.

I am not actively suggesting your actions go one way or another. I am VERY MUCH advocating that you DO YOUR RESEARCH. That you sit with your choices for as much time as you need. That you listen to your mind, body, and spirit. Then make the choice that is RIGHT FOR YOU.


Patrice Fisher

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