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Holiday Blues

It's been a while since I shared my thoughts. This year has been an emotionally difficult one for me.

This is that time of year that comes with gigantic expectations, especially from our loved ones in some instances. Those expectations can be very awkward, they are not always communicated, or at least communicated clearly (frustrated smile). #holidaywishes

Here's my thought. Love on the ones you love right now. Tomorrow just isn't promised.

The holidays are about more than just gift giving (Although that is an AWESOME perk!) They are about community, family, giving, service, introspection, gratitude, joy, peace, health, choices, and so many more wonderful characteristics that make us human!

If you are down in the dumps right now, just know that you have the ability to change your perspective, change your mindset, move your body, change your location; you have the freedom to invite different energy into your environment! Don't forget that!

I am sending you Earth Hugs, Sun warmth, and Moon Blessings.




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