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What we should do sometimes when we are feeling blue?

Sometimes we get into a deep funk.

Sometimes we need to put ourselves first in order to realize our joys, and feelings of excitement about life again….

As we go from children, to young adults to adults we tend to absolutely let life kick our butts. There are times when we get lost, we forget the things that we loved as a child that were so simple but connected us to joy and purpose.

Life transitions can be daunting, confusing, depressing, overwhelming, and downright scary. BUT, BUT, BUT…

They can also be exciting, positively challenging, exhilarating, purposeful, joyful, impactful, BEAUTIFUL.

All transitions are necessary! “The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus

Maybe take a minute to breathe. Take a minute to shift your perspective. Take a minute to move your body to let your blood flow and disperse oxygen throughout your muscles and your organs…, your brain to be specific…

Take a minute to refill your cup when it has been depleted by the various stresses of life. If you need more than a minute, TAKE IT.

Communicate that you need help, be specific in what that help is!!!!

We are not an island unto ourselves. We are human beings with joys, loves, frustrations, dreams, hurts, sadness, anger, …many, many emotions and levels of emotions. WE ARE NOT ALONE. WE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE ALONE. BUT…..people can’t read your mind.

Take a minute to open yourself to being vulnerable. CONNECT. BE BRAVE.

Most of all…..HONOR and LISTEN TO YOURSELF. Learn to trust yourself. Listen to your spirit and your body!


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