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What is “Feminine” energy and what role does it play in life?

Hi My Lovelies!

Let’s talk about artistic creativity and energy for a sec...

Over the evolution of time, feminine energy has held life down, wouldn’t you agree?

We all come from a mother, although science is rapidly advancing a change in the way we gestate....(gasp)

Feminine energy is grace, beauty, fluidity, matriarchal, colorful, powerful, sensual, muse-like, a guiding way of life, creative; a many, many, layered flower to behold.

It has taken me years to go through a fraction of my own layers, which allow me to share myself with my chosen craft and in essence,....YOU.

As a younger woman, I was always attracted to music, visuals, the written word whether in lyrics, poetry, books comics, or wherever I was magnetized to it. Without these artistic arrows and moments in my life, I would not have been able to explore my own creativity, I would not have been able to key in on what I am drawn to, or what my creative strengths and weaknesses may be... I also would not have been able to follow a blueprint for experimentation.... we NEED other creatives to create before us, but we also need to be able to blossom in our own voice, in our own right.

I am sharing all of this to say....

Please feed the young creatives around you.......positively feed their boundless energy!

Please become aware of the hungry minds that you touch, if you are not already. They are shaping a new world every day with every dream, every vision. They need you to continue to lift them up, communicate with them so that they have a sounding. Oats for what they are internally going through. Guide them with your own experiences, but try not to tell them what exactly to do...especially our young women in this crazy social media society that we are in.

If you don’t have a village around you or a few select individuals that you can be yourself around in a “no judgement zone”, it is never too late to start opening yourself to building those assets in your life. The people you surround yourself with are an extension of you. Your ENERGY, your creativity, your emotions, your well-being.

Be mindful of the energy you put out and attract....

Choose wisely and Live Well!

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1 comentario

20 ago 2020

YAAASSS!!! I love all of it! totally agree! Sending much love and taking it all in. Thanks a trill!

Me gusta
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