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Mask or NO Mask

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

What are the "Pros & Cons" to face mask? Here is my experience and what is necessary during this pandemic.

Masking up in 2020 has drawn two very clear sides.

One side wants to stay as safe as they can and protect themselves and loved ones, while the other side wants to enact their freedom and not do something that they are asked, or told to do.

Somewhere in the middle are the people that already struggle with breathing and feel uncomfortable with a covering over their nose and mouth.

Listen, I understand all of the sides. I actually contracted Covid in mid-June and I am just now coming out on the other side of being sick. I had symptoms for about 3 weeks ranging from headache, loss of taste and smell, body rash, chills, fever, to hallucination.

I have no idea how I contracted the virus. I was quarantining, wearing mask and gloves to the stores, socially distancing...the works. What I have realized after the fact is that I was trying to stay physical to keep sane since gyms had shut down. I was walking in the morning and at night in the vicinity of my neighborhood, making sure to socially distance….BUT, not wearing my mask outside. It did not click with me about the virus being airborne for a period of time in droplets. We just think about being in clean air and being able to breathe, and we forget that plenty of things that we can’t see suspend in the air that we breathe.

I am so grateful for being able to heal at home….there were a couple of very fearful days for me though.

I share this to say, please please, please…..try to stay safe. Try to listen to the safety requests. They aren’t just to keep you safe! They are to keep those safe around you and to keep your loved ones safe! It is difficult for families to socially distance in the same house, it is difficult for people on the front lines to stay safe, it is imperative to keep people who are immune impacted and or older safe! Wear the mask, take it off when you are at a safe distance away. If you really can’t wear one due to difficulty, try a cotton yoga headband instead, or cloth tied around your nose and mouth blocking droplets but loose enough for you to still breathe….

The point is to block the droplets! Wear gloves in the store and learn how to correctly take them off to not cross contaminate!

This is a real health crisis I promise you. Try to stay as safe as you can and honor the safety of those around you! We are all going through this together loves!

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1 Comment

Asher J
Asher J
Aug 06, 2020

I believe this this covid thing has become a thing where we all must just deal with it and try or best not to contract the virus period. Yes i think we all hate mask but for the safety of others or just stay home

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